How to Install to Roku  / Roku ya Kurulum Nasil Yapilir
Please follow these easy steps to start watching Giniko Turkish TV on Roku!

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Install Giniko Turkish TV to Roku

Roku'da Turk Kanallarini Seyredebileceginiz ilk Resmi Roku Uygulamasi.
Bizi Roku Marketten International Bolumunden Yukleyebilirsiniz

1. Go to Roku Channel store and find us at Roku channel store under International section.
Note to Roku Customers: GinikoTurkish Roku apps is now available in USA and Canada as well as all around the world at Roku app store.

2. Giniko Turkish TV can be also added directly to your Roku from the Roku website. Sign into your Roku account at by using your roku account.

Click on My Account on the top right, then Add a Private Channel. Enter "ginikoturkish" and click Add Channel
or visit to add directly to your Roku.

3. Start your Roku and check if the new app shows up in your channel list. If it does not, you can go into
your Roku settings, and check for updates in the System update section. This should download the app.

Once downloaded, the app will appear in the My Channels section of your Roku. Open it to watch the live
by clicking the thumbnail that says "Giniko Turkish TV"

4. After that click the Giniko Turkish TV channel and you will be asked to enter your Giniko Turkish TV account.
Enter your login information. Now sit back, relax and choose your favorite Giniko Turkish TV channels and programs.
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